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Program Update

September 6, 2018


During the spring semester 2018, the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) approved the recommendation that the University transition to a University Printer Program similar to the University Copier Program that was implemented in 2007.  The University Copier Program has saved the University over $235,000 since it was implemented just over 10 years ago.  Like the University Copier Program, the University Printer Program is a lease-based program whereby the vendor provides equipment, supplies, and service.  All print expenses are included in the per-print charge, and provides for real-time budget information. All University departments experience the same per-print charge.

Managed printer programs exist at many other Kentucky Universities and Colleges, including the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville, Western Kentucky University, and Murray State University.  These programs have reduced costs and provide higher overall quality and services. 

Following are some details of the University Printer Program:

  • All existing printers will be replaced with new, toner-based printers; *
  • The program includes the printer, toner, and all maintenance services;
  • Service and supplies will be managed by on-campus staff provided by the vendor;
  • Printers should be centralized and shared by multiple users wherever possible;
  • Color printers will require justification and approval;
  • Printers will be networked for administration, management, automated service, and toner replacement;
  • The per-print charge is $0.017 for black and white print and $0.12 for color print;
  • Printer charges will be processed monthly;
  • Based on departmental or user needs, there are four different configurations available within the program:
  1. Black and White Printer; 57 pages/minute
  2. Color Printer; 37 pages/minute
  3. Black and White Multi-Function Printer (copy, scan, fax & print); 47 pages/minute
  4. Color Multi-Function Printer (copy, scan, fax & print); 37 pages/minute
  • The transition to the new University Printer Program begins in September and will occur in the following phases:
  1. Phase I replaces existing networked printers.
  2. Phase II replaces printers at Regional Campuses, remote locations and one student lab.
  3. Phase III replaces personal, non-network printers with centrally-located networked printers.
  4. Phase IV addresses all other printer needs and special situations.
  • Existing printers will be collected and disposed as surplus property;
  • Independent departmental purchases of printers, ink, and/or toner is prohibited.

* Specialized and/or unique printer requirements, models, functions, and applications will be evaluated and managed independently of the University Printer Program.  Any printer procurement outside the University Printer Program must be reviewed and approved by University Printing Services.


University Procurement Services has tracked and documented significant increases in the overall expenses related to personal and networked printers on campus.  Presently, there are over 65 different printer models from a variety of manufactures and vendors and printer, toner, and ink purchases account for over $200,000 in current annual University expenditures.  Many of the existing printers are older models or ink-jet printers that have a much higher cost per page than newer models. 

When this proposal was presented to the BAC last spring, the University Printer Program was estimated to save the University over $75,000 annually.  These are significant budgetary savings, and we are anxious to launch this program on our campus, bring efficiencies to printing, and improve printing and print services for everyone.

If you have any questions regarding the University Printer Program please contact Steve Caudill at or (859) 622-4997.

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