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Moving Checklist

Individuals moving to a new address on campus

Personal Information

If you are moving to a new campus location, Please update your Personal Information in:

 EKU Direct

         --- Personal Information

               --- Directory Profile Update

                     --- Update your Campus Office Location as well as your Campus Mailing Address (use the dropdown to select your correct address)

Departments moving to a New Area on Campus

Mail Information

Please email Anders Friis, Site Manager of EKU Mail Services at least 2 weeks prior to the move to receive your new CAMPUS MAILING ADDRESS. You will need this to complete your Personal Information update in EKU Direct.

Please provide Anders with a list of all individuals that are moving to the new location. He will document a change of address in Mail Services.

If your entire area is moving to a new location, everyone should update their Personal Information in EKU Direct — see instructions above. 

Please select your new Campus Mailing Address provided by EKU Mail Services — see above.

Don't forget to update your stationary, business cards, envelopes, etc...

Copier(s) and/or Printer(s) Moving Information

If you have a University Copier(s) and/or Printer(s), these machines can only be moved by Commonwealth Technology

Please contact Jeremy Watson, Director of Printing and Mail Services who will coordinate the move.


Please do not move copier(s) and/or printer(s) yourself or ask EKU Facility Staff to move them.


Purchasing Banner Information

Please email to change your departmental “ship to” code in Banner.  Include the current ship to code with the new delivery address.

Facilities Service 

For University assistance in moving your office furniture, please create a Footprints work order to request Facilities Services Moving Crew to move departmental furniture and supplies.

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